New Covid-19 infection Bonaire

Bonaire now has 6 positive cases in total.

Kralendijk – Another positive case of Covid-19 has been detected on Bonaire. This was confirmed on Wednesday evening.

This time, the infected person is a local person. The infected person is in isolation and his health is being monitored. Contact inquiries are currently being conducted to determine whether the sick person may have infected others as well.

This week, when testing people with respiratory complaints, a person was found who had been infected. The person has almost recovered. He remains in isolation for at least 24 hours after he has fully recovered. The housemates remain in quarantine and are tested.


Until now it is not clear where this person contracted the infection. To date there is no known contact with people from Curaçao, Aruba or the Netherlands. This means that the source of the contamination is not yet clear.

The Public Health Department is conducting further research into this. All close contacts of this person during the period that this person was ill are mapped and then called.

These close contacts are also asked to be quarantined up to 14 days after the last contact. This is not necessary for people who have had a fleeting contact.

The Governemnt of Bonaire is calling on anyone with symptoms to stay home and get tested.

Close contacts of positively tested individuals are monitored by the Department of Public Health and are advised to stay at home, not go to work, or receive visitors. In case of complaints, contact Public Health so that testing can take place.


The Drive-thru is intended for people with minor complaints. Appointments can be made by calling 0800-0800. If you do not receive an immediate answer, the employees staffing the line are busy. Callers are urged to continue calling until the phone is answered. Calls can be made every day of the week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Infections can be prevented by keeping a good distance of 1.5 meters, not visiting places where many people are and, above all, washing hands well and often.

Anyone who has or receives complaints can have themselves tested. Call for an appointment to 0800-0800. On Monday afternoon, August 31 from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, the Public Health department is organizing another Drive-thru.

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