New crisis in local government?

There is a new crisis looming in local government on Bonaire

Kralendijk- According to information obtained by The BES-Reporter/ suggests there is a new crisis looming in local government. Information received this morning indicates that James Kroon from the UPB party and Jeanoushka Raphaela (independent), have both decided to withdraw their support for the current coalition formed by the MPB (3 seats) and independent councilwoman Esther Bernabela.

Raphaela had already caused the last crisis when she withdrew her support from the current coalition which lost its majority in the Island Council by her withdrawal. However, as there was no majority for a new coalition, Kroon and Raphaela had indicated to “tolerate” the present executive council of Nina den Heyer (MPB), Joselito Statia (MPB) and Rolanda Helburg (named by Bernabela and Raphael on behalf of the independent fractions.

The BES-reporter will update the story as soon as more information is received.

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