New customs boat arrived on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – On Thursday, September 22, the new customs boat arrived on Bonaire. It is an Eduardono 380, of about 12 meters long, with 3 engines of 300 HP. With a desired maximum speed of 45 knots. With this boat customs can reach the entire coastline of Bonaire and can be present at all locations very quickly.

As part of the replacement of the old customs boat and the collaboration within the Multidisciplinary Maritime HUB Bonaire (MMHB), where various chain partners including Customs, KMar, Coastguard, KPCN and OLB work together, a tender for a new boat started in 2021. The chain partners also worked closely together during this tender.

With this new boat, Customs and the MMHB are even better prepared for the tasks to be performed in the context of border control and safety for the residents of Bonaire.

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