New Deputy Chief of Police/ Head of Operations of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force

KRALENDIJK – From the 14th of August, 2023, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force will have a new Deputy Chief of Police/ Head of Operations : Mr. Rob Meijer. He will follow Ronald Zwarter, who returns to the European Netherlands on the 1st of October, 2023 after a period of 4 years and will enjoy his well-deserved retirement at the beginning of 2024.

Mr. Meijer is no stranger to the islands. For example, during his 39-year career on Sint Maarten, he held the position of Project Leader, deputy Head of the RST branch and then held the position of Head of Investigation / Deputy head of RST for 5 years and fulfilled the function of Head of Anti-Mining Team, RST/TBO in Curaçao.

Objectives for Bonaire in its new position as deputy Chief of Police/ Head of Operations include working on adequate follow-up and recognizable response to rapid developments in society and the associated changing forms of crime that pose challenges for the police.

The task of intensifying and guaranteeing cooperation with the other Caribbean police forces, the RST and the National Police is also a spearhead.

“I am especially about doing it together. Every link in the chain is important and that is why it is valuable to get input from everyone, that is what I aim for”, says Mr. Robert Meijer.

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