New Edition of Bon Biní Bonaire Magazine Published

Kralendijk- A new edition of the Bon Bini Bonaire magazine has recently been published.

In the preface, Island Governor Edison Rijna writes that an important chapter has arrived for Bonaire. A chapter in which the island can undergo significant development in many areas: “The signs are promising,” explains Governor Rijna.

The Governor emphasizes that the Executive Council is opting for qualitative growth.

One of the chapters in the new issue writes about the personal and political development of commissioners Elvis Tjin Asjoe, Nina den Heyer and James Kroon.

In another article, the commissioners talk about their first working visit to The Hague and the results that were achieved. Under the heading ‘Polderen in de Tropen’, Jan-Willem van den Braak, vice-president of the Central Dialogue, talks about Dutch-style consultation between employers, trade unions and the government for the development of Bonaire

Program manager Danny Rojer speaks about the Administrative Agreement and the positive implications for the island.

The magazine includes an interview with Bòi Antoin, the expert in Bonairean culture and history. The magazine also pays attention to the developments at Bonaire International Airport, and the successful start of local carrier EZ Air.

The agreements between Bonaire and the Ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management, Public Health Welfare and Sport, and the overseas exchange of civil servants are also highlighted.

In the centerfold there is a section about Bonaire as ‘Blue Destination’.

Bon Bini Bonaire is a publication from Cabinet of the Island Governor. The digital version of the magazine can be read on the website of the Public Entity Bonaire, by clicking the following link:

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