New Executive Council of Bonaire sworn in

KRALENDIJK – With the approval of the appointment of Clark Abraham, Nina den Heyer, and Anjelica Cicilia, as new Commissioner, the new Executive Council of the Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) is now in place.

Among the council members, 8 voted in favor of Abraham’s appointment, while Cicilia and Den Heyer both received the full 9 votes. Prior to the introduction of the new Commissioners, both Commissioner James Kroon (UPB) and Hennyson Thielman (MPB) immediately resigned from their positions. Former Deputy Jolinda Craane had already resigned the previous day.

All three former deputies were given the opportunity to speak and reflect on their work as Commissioner. Clark Abraham and Anjelica Cicilia were sworn in later on Tuesday evening. Nina den Heyer will be sworn in at a later date as she needs to complete her current duties first.

Well wishes

Despite some critical comments leading up to the appointment of the new Executive Council, the council members and former deputies wished the new deputies every success. Former Deputy Thielman went the furthest, stating, “I am willing to help and collaborate in the transfer of responsibilities as needed. Ultimately, it’s about the island’s best interests,” said Thielman.

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