New fishermen’s hut opened at Playa Frans

KRALENDIJK- Last weekend saw the opening of the new fishing hot in Playa Frans at remote Playa Frans. In the hut, the fishermen can clean and prepare their catch for sale comfortably, safely and hygienically. 

Previously, this work was done in full sun, which affects the quality of the fish catch.

The fisherman’s hut was made possible thanks to the financing of the Prins Hendrik Foundation and Cargill Salt Bonaire BV. The fishing corporation Piskabon has been able to realize the project thanks to the generous donations of the aforementioned parties in close collaboration with STINAPA Bonaire.

During the opening, Commissioner James Kroon thanked everyone who helped make the hut possible. The next projects on the list, according to Kroon, are the construction of slipways with which fishermen can easily launch their boats. There was also talk about the construction and repair of the fishermen’s muscles on Bonaire.


During the opening it was clear that the fishermen of Playa Frans are very grateful for these facilities. On behalf of the fishermen, the Piskabon Association would like to thank the Prins Hendrick Foundation, Cargill Salt Bonaire BV, Stinapa Bonaire and the Public Entity Bonaire for their contributions to the project.

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