New generators operational at Karpata power plant Bonaire

Kralendijk – ContourGlobal and WEB Bonaire N.V. are happy to announce the start up of the new diesel generators at the hybrid wind-diesel power plant at Karpata. All precautions of starting up for the new generators have been taken to meet normal and peak demands during testing. Customers should not experience any interruption of energy supply during this time. However if energy supply is unexpectedly interrupted due to testing, we apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused.

A few months ago ContourGlobal initiated the expansion of the power plant with five new engines. After extensive off-grid testing of the first three new diesel generators the works are completed and ready to start up the diesel generators with a total operational capacity of 6 MW. The engines are each housed in a container of approx. 40ft and are protected from environmental influences.

After final testing and completion of the project, the hybrid power plant at Karpata will be able to provide a substantial supply of energy through a combination of diesel generators (22MW), wind turbines (11MW) and batteries (6MW), controlled by a state of the art energy management system. After the starting up of the new diesel generators at Karpata, WEB will be dismantling the temporary power plant at Hato. This installation has been providing modular power generators to WEB Bonaire N.V. for the past 3 years.

The addition of the five new generators to the power plant is a result of the continuous efforts by ContourGlobal and WEB Bonaire N.V to jointly provide a sustainable, reliable and affordable supply of electricity for Bonaire and its economy.

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