New greenhouse good for 166.000 organic vegetables per year

Photo - DailyFresh

KRALENDIJK – During the open day of LVV on Sunday 30 October, the new aquaponics greenhouse of Bonaire DailyFresh will be opened. After years of trial run and construction, this greenhouse is capable of producing 166.000 vegetables and 3000 kilograms of fish annually for local consumption.

Cultivating uses six times less water and all cultivation is organic. This brings food security for Bonaire one step closer. During the open day, guided tours will be given through the new greenhouse. In addition, there are all kinds of activities, including a Halloween competition, live music, food stalls, a “Kids Zone”, and the chance to win two tickets to “Dinner in the Field”.

Everyone is invited to attend the festive opening at 9:00 am. The LVV open day starts at 8:00 am and lasts until 3:00 pm.

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