New insights through infrastructure seminar 

KRALENDIJK – Those involved in infrastructure projects want to communicate more with the people of Bonaire in the future. They will also meet more often. By exchanging data with each other, infrastructural plans can be coordinated. This was the result of a two-day seminar organized by the Directorate of Spatial Planning and Development.

The seminar was officially opened with speeches by Island Governor Edison Rijna, Commissioner James Kroon and the Director of the Directorate of Spatial Planning & Development Roy Martina. During this seminar stakeholders in the field of infrastructure, housing, environment, nature, utility and safety had to form a vision and make agreements on how to work together in the future. During this seminar there were presentations, inspiration stories, dialogues and workshops. These were intended to inspire the participants to reach a common vision and to connect in a positive way.

Impact of enormous growth

The enormous growth within the tourism sector and the Bonairean population in ten years’ time has a visible impact on Bonaire’s infrastructure. Bonaire is experiencing increasing traffic jams and accidents. In the coming years Bonaire faces a number of major spatial tasks. This requires a clear vision, an integrated view and cooperation in the field of infrastructure. The Directorate of Spatial Planning and Development sees this seminar as the official start of a new process and form of cooperation in which the direction will lie more with the government of Bonaire. 

Road projects

There is now a team at the Spatial Planning & Development Directorate that is busy with organizing and preparing the road projects. The team is a composition of starting and experienced civil engineers and business managers. With the necessary help, the team will continue to work with the building blocks collected to form a vision, but also to organize this new form of cooperation effectively and efficiently. 

Participating in the seminar were:

Aqua Pavement & Geotechnical Consultancy N.V., Autocadtec, Bonaire Holding Maatschappij, BOG/Heren2, Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij, Fire Brigade CN, Deco, Don Andres N.V., Framingo TV Bonaire B.V., Fundashon Cas Boneriano, Infrastructure Bonaire, Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland, LVV, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Directorate of Roads and Traffic Safety), Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, Selibon N.V., Soigneur Agency, Stinapa, Telbo, Vinu and WEB Bonaire N.V.

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