New Look and More Space for Zhung Kong Supermarket

Hato’s only supermarket is getting a new facade and will soon be considerably bigger. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- Zhung Kong Supermarket, the only supermarket in Hato, is getting a considerable upgrade.

Not only will the supermarket be getting a new look, but it will soon also be considerably bigger.

The supermarket is popular both with residents in the Hato and Sabadeco neighborhoods and with tourists because of its close proximity to various hotels in the area.

Additional space has become available for the expansion as the Chinese restaurant which was housed in the same building, moved to a new nearby location.

Zhung Kong is consistently one of the more expensive supermarkets in the monthly price monitor of consumer organization Unkobon, but that does not seem to deter the relatively affluent buyers in the area. The supermarket is open 7 days per week from 8AM to 8PM.

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