New photo book about St. Eustatius

Leontine Durby and Marion Schroen have come together for the publication of the new book. Foto:

ORANJESTAD – There is a new photo book about St. Eustaitus on the market, with many photos of the nature and often quite spectacular sights of the island.

The book was written by Marion Schroen and Leontine Durby. “This scenic and historic island has a wide variety of incredibly beautiful places. Walking on this island with an area of about 21 square kilometers, you will come to places of enormous beauty that are unknown to many. From the steep and rugged coast to the pleasantly rolling hills. From towering rock formations to an ‘Indiana Jones’ jungle. From a desert-like landscape to a towering volcano covered in moss and giant trees, overlooking a beautiful landscape and impressive skies. Pink orchids clinging to stone walls and seabirds diving with acrobatic landings in narrow crevices. Take a look”, is how the publisher describes the contents of the book.

The writers describe the book as the first ‘coffee table book’ about St. Eustatius.

The book can be ordered via this link:

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