Police and justice

New Police Chief for Saba

Saba’s new police chief Gert Geerdink (left) with Island Governor Jonathan Johnson. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba- Saba’s new head of police Gert Geerdink visited Island Governor Jonathan Johnson on his first working day on Monday March 18.

The meeting had an introductory character, but served at the same time to discuss points of attention and police processes.

“I want a good cooperation with all partners in the justice system. I want everyone to do their part and that they are able to do their job. Communication and having direct contact are important components for a good cooperation,” said Geerdink, who comes from the Netherlands and has been appointed police chief on Saba for a period of one year. As police chief, he will head a team of nine police officers on the island.

Island Governor Johnson agreed that cooperation and direct contact were important factors, as well as keeping a close eye on the execution of the police processes, making sure that the laws are adhered to. Police controls on for example illegal drugs and weapons, such as the one that was carried out on Monday morning, are part of that.

As for the staffing and the responsibilities of the police, Geerdink said that it was not always only up to the police to act on every incident or complaint. In some cases, there is a responsibility for other partners in the justice system to act, he explained. Geerdink said that with a good cooperation it is possible to close the gaps.

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