New public restrooms at South Pier

KRALENDIJK – As part of their product development strategy, the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has opened new public restrooms at the Nello Craane Pier, better known as the South Pier. These facilities, under the motto “It’s in Our Nature”, are wheelchair accessible and adhere to strict hygiene standards.

During the initial phase of this initiative, the restrooms will be primarily accessible to cruise passengers during the cruise season and port hours. Individuals working in the cruise industry, such as taxi drivers, tour operators, and security personnel with an official badge, can use these facilities for free. Starting from January 2024, this project will be expanded to other locations on the island.

The aim of this measure is to enhance the experience for both stay-over and cruise visitors as well as the local population. TCB emphasizes that this is a strategic move to elevate the overall visitor experience on Bonaire.

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