New ‘retro jet’ Avianca commemorates national airline Costa Rica

Photo: Costa Rica Aviation @/CR_Aviation

BOGOTA – Colombia’s national airline, Avianca, has given another plane the livery of an airline it has taken over, throughout the years.

It concerns the Lineas Aéras Costarricences S.A. (LACSA) from Costa Rica. LACSA was founded in 1945 by the American Pan Am. The company ran into heavy weather in the 1990s and was initially taken over by larger branch competitor Transporte Aéreo Centro America (TACA), which mainly operated from El Salvador and Guatemala .


Later, TACA itself was also transferred to the merged company Avianca, just like a few other small players in Colombia itself.

Together with LACSA’s retro livery, Avianca now has a total of four retro jets flying around, which indicate which airlines have all been absorbed by the airline. The operations in Costa Rica are now executed as Avianca Costa Rica. 

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