New round of BKCN Commanders Training initiated

KRALENDIJK – Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department (BKCN) has commenced a new round of the commanders training program. Twelve participants from the three islands of Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius are undergoing the training. It is an intensive course running from March to May 2024, with a continuation scheduled for August 2024. Commander Wayne Maharaj is one of the training instructors. “I underwent this training myself in 2016. It fills me with pride to now assist my colleagues in becoming commanders,” Maharaj stated.

Intensive Training Program

Maharaj continued, “It’s a lengthy and intensive training process involving both theory and practical components. The curriculum covers Technical Rescue (THV), Water Incidents (WO), Hazardous Materials Incident Response (IBGS), and Firefighting. Upon completion, they become commanders for the municipal fire department, with further training available for airport firefighting.”

The Training Support Team

Maharaj, alongside Officer on Duty (OVD) Glenn Rosaria and commander Uclaytis Davelaar, is guiding the participants. In addition to the three instructors, the BKCN Training and Exercise Division and path coordinator Julius Melaan are part of the training team. Intensive support from colleagues across the three islands is also integral to the program. Organizing this endeavor is a significant operation, given the necessity of adequate firefighting personnel on all islands to maintain public safety. Nonetheless, Maharaj expressed confidence: “I’m looking forward to it. Together with the entire training team, we’ll keep motivating the participants, ensuring we have the best people in the right roles.”

Role of a Commander

A commander leads the team during incidents and can decide to escalate operations if needed, remaining in charge until the arrival of the Officer on Duty, who then assumes command.

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