New ‘Tene Boneiru Limpi’ to work on Clean(er) Island

Board members of the new Foundation toast on a new beginning.

Kralendijk – The “Keep Bonaire Clean” Foundation (Fundashon Tene Boneiru Limpi – FTBL) has been given new life. Various parties have been calling for some time for the Foundation to be reactivated, which used to play an important role in keeping the island clean.

The new name of the foundation is ‘Fundashon Boneiru Limpi i Bunita’ (Bonaire Clean & Beautiful). “We have a very active board that is ready to start raising awareness among our growing population about our traditional values of having a clean island” says Board President Onnie Emerenciana.

Littering and illegal dumping

According to Oleana, the foundation will first of all focus on the problems of littering and and the practice of illegal dumping in our nature.

Oleana also says that in recent years everyone on Bonaire has been able to see that, among other things, the rapid growth has led to an increase in the amount of bottles, cans, cups and other types of packaging that are dumped all around.

The new foundation will start with a major cleaning campaign together with Selibon NV, in which all groups in our community can participate.

Encourage involvement

The Foundation wants to encourage residents in the first place to keep their own garden clean and beautiful. The Foundation also plans various activiteites in the light of the World Cleanup day, a yearly returning cleaning promotion that takes place all over the world.

Emerencia says he hopes that the renewed efforts and initiatives of the Foundation will inspire both individuals and groups all over Bonaire to fight together again against the pollution on the island.

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