New tourism tax definitively effective from 1 July 2022

KRALENDIJK- There will be no renewed vote on the introduction of the $75 tourist tax every time a tourist enters the island.

Based on newly received legal advice, the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) is of the opinion that a legally valid decision has indeed been taken.

“The regulation and the amendment that together establish a new tourist tax for Bonaire were adopted by a majority of votes in the Island Council meeting of April 12. After the vote on the regulation and the amendment, questions arose about the process and whether it went properly,” said an OLB press release.

The Executive Council has now announced that legal advice has been requested as a result of the course of events. The legal investigation would have shown that the process followed is correct. The Island Governor as chairman of the Island Council and the Clerk subsequently signed the new bye-law and the amendment. The regulation and amendment have since been published, including on the website


The decision to declare the vote valid, which would not have been correct, is at odds with a letter from Registrar Shuzelle Pieter, who previously advised in writing that the vote be repeated.

Both Lieutenant Governors Rijna and Pieter have now signed the new Island Ordinance, which has officially entered into force.

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