New water plant WEB officially opened

New water plant WEB officially opened

KRALENDIJK- On Thursday evening the opening of the new water plant at the WEB facility in Hato was officially celebrated. 

Various representatives of the Company, the supplier as well as local Government held a short speech on the occation. The years 2020 and 2021 have been important years for WEB, in spite of the Covid-crisis. Last year saw the start of the construction for the new plant and this year celebration of the opening. 

Apart from the new water plant, WEB also celebrates the successful repair and expansion of the water irrigation line leading from Hato to Belnem. 

Two celebrations

The celebration on Thursday was the second one of the week. Earlier this week, WEB had already celebrated the new achievements with the pensioners of the water- en power company. Because of the Covid-situation, WEB Management decided to have two celebrations in smaller groups, rather than just one celebration. 

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