Nina Den Heyer now also sworn in as a Commissioner

Den Heyer said, in a short reaction, she was thankful for the confidence posed in her. 

KRALENDIJK – On Tuesday evening, Nina den Heyer was sworn in as a commissioner. Unlike her previous term as a commissioner, Den Heyer has now taken office as a sectoral commissioner (vak-gedputeerde). This means that she does not represent a specific party on the Executive Council.

Den Heyer expressed her happiness in resuming her previous role. “I know there were people who thought I was abandoning them, but that’s not the case. I can now say that I’m back to finish the job.”

Several council members wished the newly appointed commissioner the best in her new role. Governor Reynold (Nolly) Oleana had the most extensive welcome speech. According to the Governor, the work of a Commissioner is not easy. “There are various challenging issues that need to be addressed,” Oleana said. He cited climate provision as an example, as well as the ability for the island to provide for its own food supply.

Executive Council

The Executive Council of Bonaire now consists of Chairman Nolly Oleana and commissioners Clark Abraham, Anjelica Cicilia, and Nina Francees-Den Heyer.

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