Nina den Heyer Reportedly Returns as Commissioner in New Bonaire Executive Council

KRALENDIJK – Nina den Heyer is reportedly making a comeback as a Commissioner in the executive council to be formed by the Partido Democrático Boneriano (PDB), M21, and the Vrolijk faction.

While it initially appeared to be a rumor, ABC Online Media has since been able to confirm that the reports are indeed accurate. In addition to Den Heyer, PDB leader Clark Abraham and Anjelica Cicilia are said to be the intended Commissioners in the new Government. Although M21 leader Daisy Coffie and Cyrill Vrolijk will remain in the island council themselves, the vacant position left by Abraham in the Island Council, will reportedly be filled by Delno Tromp.


The return of Den Heyer as Commissioner is noteworthy. Den Heyer had resigned from the MPB-UPB Executive council because she could no longer align herself with the policies pursued by that executive council. Additionally, she had become increasingly dissatisfied with the leadership of the blue party.


With Den Heyer’s return, Bonaire gains an experienced Commissioner who has done excellent work on various important issues in the past.

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