No Blackout in Bonaire over 5 years

Kralendijk – The board of WEB Bonaire N.V. (WEB) has offered the annual report 2019 to the Executive Council in its capacity as a shareholder. The annual report, provided with an auditor’s report, shows in facts, figures and backgrounds how the government has again developed further in professionalism in 2019, resulting in a positive operating result. The annual accounts have now been formally approved by the Executive Council in a shareholder s’ meeting.

When receiving the documents, Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe complimented the board of WEB on the professional way the company acted. “When it comes to good governance, WEB is leading within the group of government companies. Despite the extra pressure due to the corona crisis, the annual accounts were offered well in time. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of all government companies so let WEB be the good example for others “, says the commissioner.

“But at least as important are the performance regarding services for citizens and businesses. Management and staff have reason to be proud. Thanks to good cooperation with strategic partners and a mix of correct measures and timely investments, no blackout has occurred for five years. Everyone who works at WEB focuses on providing security of supply at the lowest possible rates, while also paying attention to sustainability. “

Taking into account the island’s Corporate Governance code, there is a transparent and effective cooperation between WEB with the Executive Council, the ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate, Infrastructure and Water Management and Domestic Affairs and Kingdom relations that contributes to affordable rates for water, electricity and other partners.

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