No Change in Gas or Diesel Prices for July 2019

gas prices
The price for Gas and Diesel will remain unchanged in Bonaire, but cooking gas gets more expensive.

Kralendijk- The price for Gas and Diesel will stay the same for the month of July 2019. This was communicated by the Government of Bonaire this morning.

Kerosine will see a price increase of 2.5 cents at the pump, while cooking gas will get more expensive by $3.26 in case of the 100 lbs cylinder and 81 cents for 20 lbs cylinder. The 100 lbs cylinder will now cost $31.82 while the small cylinder as of today will cost 8 dollars and 55 cents.

Gas will continue to cost 1.22 per liter at the pump and diesel 82 cents per liter. Kerosene will now cost 61.5 cents per liter.

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