No progress so far in Executive Council mediation process

In the most recent turn of events, the MPB party of Elvis Tjin-Asjoe has withdrawn support of the present coalition

KRALENDIJK – The mediation process that, according to Island Governor Edison Rijna, should bring a solution to the conflict that has arisen within the Executive Council over the approval of a building permit for the Sunset Beach Resort has still not started. It is now almost ten days after the initial launch of the mediation idea.  

In Wednesday’s Public Island Council meeting,Rijna had to admit that so no party has been found to guide the desired mediation process. Various political observers have now openly expressed doubt about the whole idea of ​​mediation in a situation at hand. 

They point to the fact that Island Governor Rijna has single handedly caused the stalemate in the Executive Council, by voting along with Commissioner James Kroon in favor of granting the permit for the new resort, while the other two Commissioners are strongly opposed. Now that the votes are deadlocked, Rijna seems to look for a solution outside of the Executive Council, to get him and the 3 Commissioners out of the hot water. 

Island Council 

Even after more than ten days after the vote in the Exective Coucil locked, parties are as diametrically opposed as ever. Many believe that the only appropriate way to solve the matter should be a vote on the floor of the Island Council. 

It is also believe that especially MPB party leader Elvis Tjin Asjoe is trying to avoid a vote on the floor of the Island Council at any cost, as this may result in definite split in the MPB/UPB coalition. 

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