No support on Bonaire for Corona self-tests at school

KRALENDIJK- There is no support from the schools on Bonaire for the introduction of self-tests. That is what GGD doctor Loes Jaspers says about the possibility of self-tests to contain the outbreak in schools.

“A few weeks ago, feelings were still somewhat mixed about the subject, but now we have to conclude that there is no support in schools for introducing self-tests,” Jaspers said during a press conference held on Thursday.

According to Jaspers, there are more objections to the use of self-tests. “There is a risk that it will not be applied properly, making the results less reliable. In addition, there is a danger that we as a government will lose the picture of exactly how the infections on the island are.”


Schools and childcare have also played a major role in the infection rate with the Covid-19 virus on the island in recent weeks. Unvaccinated children infect each other relatively easily and then take the virus home with them, where the parents are also infected.

By starting the Christmas holidays a little earlier this year, the Bonaire government hopes that the current wave of outbreaks can also be somewhat contained.

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