St. Eustatius

Not Much Interest for Electoral College Elections in St. Eustatius

Government Commisioner Franco (l) seen here observing the final vote count. Photo: BES-Reporter.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- The interest for the elections of the Electoral College on St. Eustatius has proven quite low, with a turnout of about 20% of potential voters.

The low voter turnout is not unexpected. St. Eustatius was the only island of the Caribbean Netherlands which did not have elections for local parliament yesterday.

Due to the political intervention by the Kingdom Government in The Hague, elections for the Island Council were suspended. This means that elections could only be held for the Electoral Council, which will vote for members of the Upper House (First Chamber) in Dutch Parliament.

The Democratic Party of St. Eustatius was the only party contending in these elections.

The biggest vote-getter of the evening turned out to be Adelka Spanner (102 votes), followed by Koos Sneek (101 votes). Ernie Simmons won a total of 80 votes, Winston Fleming 43 and Shanna Mercera-Gibbs won 40 votes.

The total number of votes was 374, of which 5 were blank votes and 3 were deemed invalid.

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