Notary Bouterse meets with Government representatives Saba

THE BOTTOM- The notary who will be serving the islands of St. Eustatius and Saba, recently met with Saba Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, Commissioner Rolando Wilson, Government Advisor Gerald Simmons and Mortgage Registrar Robert Zagers.

During the meeting on Saba, Island Governor Johnson provided a detailed introduction to Saba’s land ownership registration rights issue, including its historical development. Simmons shared ideas on possible solutions and a way forward for the Saba people who have land registration problems. “Following the project that was started with the Legal Desk on Saba, a new project has to be worked on in collaboration with all stakeholders,” said Simmons. 

Property rights

Johnson also mentioned the Kadaster in the Netherlands, the Housing Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom relations (BZK), and the Public Entity Saba, as important stakeholders with which the Notary will have to work. 

“It is important that this project will be done in an inclusive way with the Saba community to ensure that the local historical knowledge of property rights is considered. The notary plays a very important role in this,” stated Simmons.

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