Number of Covid infections in Saba rises to 10

Number of Covid infections in Saba rises to 10

THE BOTTOM- While many (is)lands would be jealous of a number of Covid infections of no more than 10, the number of active infections for the island is of an unprecedented magnitude.

Saba has never had so many infections with the Covid-19 virus before. In recent days, many citizens on the island have been tested to make sure they were not sick and could infect others during the holiday season.

The recent outbreak on Saba means that only St. Eustatius is still Covid-free when it comes to the Dutch islands in the Caribbean.


It is striking that Bonaire, which has been out of step for a long time compared to Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, is now doing relatively well again. For example, only 5 new infections were detected on Sunday. It should be noted that few people were tested during the holidays.

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