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Nurses QBMC wear black to Protest handling of ‘morphine case’

Nurses are wearing black instead of their normal uniform, to protest the way Management is handling the senstive case.

Oranjestad- Nurses at the Queen Beatrix Medical Center are wearing black uniforms from Friday night as a way to protest Management’s handling of the case where a recently hired Quality Nurse stole a various vials of Morphine out of the medicine stock.

Yesterday a meeting with the was requested by the nurses and their union representative, Charles Woodley. However the Board denied requests for the meeting.

Many nurses feel that the suspect in the case, who in the meatime has confessed to her actions, is being unjustly protected by SEHCF director Rothweiler.

Preferential treatment?

“If had been one of us locals, for sure we would have been put out on the hospital one time. But in this case the person in question seems to be getting a preferential treatment, with Management trying to rush her off to The Netherlands, rather than to let Police handle the case as they should”, was one of the complaints heard on Friday.

The nurses are also upset about the fact that they all had to be submitted to questioning and interrogation, when it was already clear who the culprit was in the case of the stolen morphine.

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