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‘Odyssee d’Amour’ movie atTerramar Museum

KRALENDIJK – Last Saturday, March 18, “Odyssee d’Amour” by director Pim de la Parra was screened at the Terramar Museum. The film was largely shot on Bonaire 36 years ago.

“Odyssee d’Amour” tells the story of Dutch engineer Paul Henks (Herbert Flack), who has been working on a tropical island for many years. He lives with the older British sculptor Elizabeth (Sara Brackett). Paul flees the monotonous island isolation, and himself, by having many native girlfriends, including stewardess Valerie (Patty Brard). He even has a son with one of them. When the child suddenly dies, guilt brings about a crisis in Paul’s life.

Various roles were played by Bonaireans: Adam Littman, Siso Thomas, Henk Deira, Eveline Prins, Valerie Wanga, Dorna van Rouveroy, Liliane de Geus, and Helen Martina. In addition, Bonairian folk songs can be heard in the film, played and sung by the groups: Tipico Boneriyano, Nos Kosecha, and George Thode.

The film is an important part of Bonairean cultural heritage. However, the film is part of the collection of the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam. Strict conditions, limitations, and costs are attached to the screening on Bonaire.

Through collaboration with and the support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the museum has succeeded in bringing the film to Bonaire and showing it. The screening is part of a larger program in which the Terramar Museum, together with the WWF, will show more films relevant to Bonaire.

The Terramar Museum has only a very limited number of seats, which is why reserving a seat for a special event at the museum is almost always a requirement.


The Terramar Museum is in discussion with the WWF to determine if a second screening of the film on Bonaire is financially feasible. If this is the case, the Terramar Museum will organize a second screening as soon as possible. Reservation in advance will still be necessary for a second screening.

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