Officers KPCN upset about prohibition to carry fire-arm when off duty

Officers of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) are upset about a so-called ‘service order’ announcing that officers are no longer allowed to carry their service weapon outside of working hours.

Until now, officers carrying weapons were allowed to have their service weapon with them, even in their free time, and could even use it if necessary.

The service order cannot be seen separately from recent incidents, especially on the Windward Islands. On Saba, an apparently intoxicated officer pulled a firearm, leading to great outrage within the community. Just a few days later, off-duty officers on St. Eustatius were involved in a street fight.


The NAPB-BES union is not yet delving deeply into the issue but indicates that it does not necessarily support it beforehand. “There are daily incidents not only within our corps but also in neighbouring islands and in the Netherlands. However, these incidents do not lead to a general ban for firearm-carrying officers to have their service weapon with them in their free time,” said Thaise Isidora Lo-A-Njoe in a response on radio station Live99.

The union representative says that if there are incidents where certain officers crossed the line, those officers should be addressed. “But that doesn’t mean there should be a general service order that applies to everyone.”


A spokesperson for KPCN confirmed on Friday afternoon that the service order had been issued. According to the spokesperson, however, it is an internal matter that will also be addressed within the Corps itself. The decision itself has not been actively communicated to the press by the police leadership.

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