OLB and Chogogo make clear agreements

OLB and Chogogo make clear agreements

KRALENDIJK- What initially seemed like the making of a public relations nightmare for the new Chogogo Resort, seems to have fizzled out with a joint statement made on Friday by the Government of Bonaire and the resort in question.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Chogogo Resort had been fined more than $1 million dollars for what was described as illegal spreading of imported sand on the beach side of the new resort.

The resort imported from French Guiana, but did not yet have the necessary permits to use that sand for beach improvement. 

Not optimal

The Executive Council on Friday confirmed that it supports the decision to impose the fine, but that it also believes that the process within the public entity Bonaire was not optimal either. Island Governor Rijna and Commissioner Kroon therefore decided to consult with the Chogogo management about the situation which has arisen. Representatives of the Supervision and Enforcement Directorate and the Spatial Planning and Development Directorate were also present in the meeting.

“We have reached a clear agreement on the conditions under which the work can be continued. If the Chogogo Resort adheres to the conditions, Government will also make the effort to ensure that what needs to be done on our side, is done in time. Bonaire and Chogogo Resort have a common interest, and that is to offer guests who are expected to have a pleasant holiday on our island”, says Lieutenant Governor Rijna.


“We are pleased with the outcome of the consultations and the government’s solution-oriented approach. Naturally, the protection of nature and especially the coral is our top priority, because that is what our guests come for,” said Hans Schellevis of Chogogo Resort.

After mutually expressing the good intentions, as well as understanding each other’s point of view, it is now unclear whether the fine will still have to be paid by the Resort, or whether the joint statement is a stepping stone towards the remission of the notified fine.

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