On Saturday: Political debate between female political leaders Statia

The three leaders will face off at 7PM in the Event Plaza

ORANJESTAD- On the island of St. Eustatius a political debate will take place on Saturday, March 11 between three political leaders on the island. Rechelline Leerdam (PLP), Sjahairah Fleming (CDA-Statia) and Raquel Spanner-Carty of the Democratic Party will be facing off at 7 PM at the Event Plaza.

There is an admission fee of five dollars to be present at the venue. An ad appearing on the various media warns that only ‘mature audience’ is welcome.

The debate promises to be interesting, with voters -especially undecided ones- being able to get a first hand feel of the difference between the three political parties contesting the election this year. Especially with the full democratic powers to be restored to the Island Council it is of course of importance who will be representing the people of St. Eustatius.


Prior to the debate questions can be sent in, which will then be discussed among the three female leaders. In order to fill out the questionnaire, voters are asked to scan the QR code and fill out the questionnaire.

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