Once again Approved Financial Statement for Airport Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire International Airport N.V. (BIA) has once again received an approving audit statement from the external auditor, BDO Bonaire, for the fiscal year 2022. 

According to the auditors, the financial statements of the government company provide a true and fair view of the size and composition of the assets as of December 31, 2022, and the results for 2022.

The approved financial statements are considered an important document for investors, creditors, other stakeholders, and BIA itself. In a press release on Thursday, BIA stated that it offers a transparent and reliable overview of the financial results for 2022 and the financial position of BIA at the end of 2022. 

Right track

The CFO of BIA, Reza Asgerali, expressed delight with the result, stating that it shows they are on the right track, and the collective hard work is yielding positive results. The approval instills confidence in stakeholders and investors, showcasing BIA as a solid company with a healthy financial position, paving the way for future opportunities and development.

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