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One dead, One Hurt in Statia After Welk Picking

Anthony Recardo Bunitin born has lost his life after being swept in the sea during a search for welks on the way to Venus Bay.

Anthony Recardo Bunitin born has lost his life after being swept in the sea during a search for welks on the way to Venus Bay.

Oranjestad- The man Antony Bunitin has tragically lost his life after slipping and falling into the sea on the way to Venus bay, while looking for welks with a partner, who reported went back to town for help in locating the victim.

According to official Police information, the victim’s friend showed up at a local bar around 9 AM this morning, with some cuts and bruises and reported that Bunitin had slipped from the rocks while picking welks and was subsequently swept into the sea by the big rough waves in the area. The police was notified and that led to a coordinated multidisciplinary search and rescue operation, which involved among others the Police department, Kmar, the fire department, hospital personnel, the Coast Guard, the harbor official, the marine/diver department from the Nustar, a local fisherman’s boot, the Medivac helicopter, and some other volunteers from the local dive shop and other citizens.

The first search team arrived in the Venus Bay area around 10.15 hours by the use of some quads that the authorities had used from some locals who volunteered the use of their vehicle for the search and rescue operation. The first search and rescue team on board of a local fishing vessel, including, police, private citizens, and a diver from one of the local dive shops, arrived at the location by sea around 10.40 hours.

In the meantime the members of the search team on shore took position from an elevated position along the shore line and they spotted an unidentified object floating under water in the sea. They directed the rescue team who was on board the fishing vessel at the time to the location. The water in the cove area at Venus Bay was too rough and dangerous for the fishing boot to investigate the object. The captain of the fishing vessel got as close as he could without endangering the lives on board and a diver dove into the water and retrieved the lifeless body of Bunitin. The body was then brought to the Charles A. Woodley Pier in Gallow Bay where the doctor on duty officially pronounced the person death. A preliminary medical review of the body by the doctor together with police determined that there were no indications of foul play visible on the body. Police also surveyed the area, including the area where the witness, indicated that the victim fell into the sea.

There was also no indication of foul play. The incident was thus deemed an accident that led to the death of the man Anthony Recardo Bunitin born July 27 1960 on Curacao. After consulting with the prosecutor the body was released to the family of the decease.

The BES-Report extends condolences to the victim of the deseased.

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