One hundred fifty travel agents attend webinar promoting Statia

The travel agents got a good idea of what St. Eustatius is offering to potential visitors. Photo: BES-Reporter.

ORANJESTAD- A total of one hundred and fifty travel agents from the United States and Canada learned about St. Eustatius and what makes it a superb tourist destination. 

They were among the participants of a Statia webinar held on March 22, 2023, which was the first of a two-part series promoting the island.

The webinar began with a virtual tour of Statia. Charles Lindo, Director of the St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation, spoke about St. Eustatius’ geography, demographics, and history, including why it is known as an open-air museum. “You can walk anywhere on the island, and I guarantee you will find something that reminds you of the days of old,” said Lindo.

St. Eustatius is also known as an eco-friendly destination. Lindo explained that the 8.1 square mile island has seven hiking trails, endemic plants including the Statia morning glory, and 75 species of birds. He also mentioned that the island is 100 percent solar-powered during the day. 

The island’s national parks were highlighted, including the Marine National Park, which includes 25 pristine dive sites. Lindo said divers will find 18th century shipwrecks, carefully preserved ecosystems, and a diverse marine life. The Quill, a dormant volcano, is another top attraction for nature lovers. Hikers making their way to the top will find a mini rain forest inside the crater.

Travel & Accommodation

Lindo also spoke about the ways to get to Statia and the variety of accommodations – luxury and budget friendly, including villas. 

Finally the cultural diversity of St. Eustatius was discussed. In spite of its small size, there are people with no less than fifty two nationalities living. This is expressed with cuisine, events, and entertainment. 

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