One-time subsidy of $1,300 in electricity costs for lower incomes Bonaire

Commissioner Nina den Heyer giving explanation about the special subsidy. Photo: Bonaire Government

KRALENDIJK- Low-income citizens can apply for a $1,300 allowance for electricity from September 14, 2022. The compensation is given once. 

The Society and Care Directorate (Samenleving & Zorg) handles applications for reimbursement. There are conditions to get the compensation. For example, the applicant must be registered with Burgerzaken on Bonaire. The level of income of the person applying for the allowance is considered. It also looks at how many people have an income in the house, and what the total income is. In order to apply for the reimbursement, the applicant must submit documents. Look for this at


If someone is entitled to the compensation, the amount of $1,300 will be deposited into the person’s WEB account. A person who has no outstanding debt with WEB will then have a balance of $1,300. The amount that the person has to pay to the WEB is deducted from the $1,300.

As long as the person has a credit with WEB, he/she does not have to pay the bill himself. When the credit is used up, the person has to pay the bill again. On WEB’s electricity bill, a person can see how much money he has left from the fee. Employees of the Society and Care Directorate remind citizens in good time when they have to pay the bill themselves again.

If an individual has an outstanding debt with WEB, the debt is deducted from the $1,300 fee. If someone’s power is cut off, the $40 to reconnect the power will be deducted from the fee.


Residents with Pagabon who are entitled to the reimbursement will receive a token (a voucher) of $1,300 with a code. With the code, they can top up the amount of $1,300 in the Pagabon box at home. The code only works on the locker of the person who receives the compensation. So someone else cannot use the token.

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