Online Health Declaration now Mandatory for entry into Bonaire

Arrival at Bonaire International Airport looks somewhat different these days, but is still relatively hassle-free. Photo: Harald Linkels

Kralendijk – Every traveler to Bonaire must, from now on, submit a digital Health Declaration prior to actual travel.

The reason for the implementation of the new online form is that the Public Health Department of the island prefers to know in advance who will be arriving in Bonaire. This provides them with the possibility to assess any potential health risks.

It also provides authorities with the option of informing travelers about any specific restrictions or rules for entry.

Travelers must be able to present a copy the health certificate upon arrival, either in print or saved on their mobile phones. A test conducted by the BES-Reporter yesterday afternoon shows that the passenger automatically receives an emailed copy of the completed form. In this way, producing proof of the submitted form, upon arrival, is quite easy.

The online health declaration form can be found at

For more information about Bonaire’s policies, passengers can visit Governments Facebook Page:

While the Facebook Page is mostly in Dutch and Papiamentu, the online authorization form is available in English.

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