Open day LVV a resounding success

Open day LVV a resounding success
Goat and sheep farming is starting to get serious. Photo: ABC Online Media/Bert Nijland

KRALENDIJK – The open day held on Saturday by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Service (LVV) can be described as a resounding success. From start to finish, the day was well attended by interested parties, who also bought quite some of the local produce.

During the open day, visitors could see what the government service has set up over the past year, and that was quite a lot. The team led by Maurice Adreaans shows that Bonaire is not as barren as was often thought.

Reasonable production can be achieved when the right techniques and the right resources are used.


In recent years, the Netherlands in particular has urged for a better agricultural policy on the islands and a greater degree of self-sufficiency. The very high dependence on imports makes the island vulnerable. Moreover, imported vegetables are relatively expensive and the quality deteriorates due to the often very long transport.

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