Opposition Bonaire very critical of ExCo in Chogogo case

Councilman Elvis Tjin Asjoe doesn’t want to hear about sending the Executive Council packing 

KRALENDIJK- The Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano (PDB) on Thursday evening was extremely critical during a Public Meeting of the Island Council about the actions taken by the Executive Council, in particular with regard to a decision of tolerance issued to Chogogo Resort.

The PDB time and again indicate that the resort should not have unloaded ands on the beach of the resort, without a permit and the necessary precautions.

Clark Abraham in particular put the BC to the test. In particular Island Governor Rijna and Tourism Commissioner Hennyson Thielman, had to wriggle in various ways to explain the position assumed by the ExCo.

While commissioners Nina den Heyer and Hennyson Thielman frankly admitted that the whole course of events did not deserve a prize, Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna and Deputy James Kroon did not see any wrong-doing.

Common interest

Governor Rijna was not visibly nervous about the critical questions from the PDB. The Island Governor seemed to be of the opinion that, in the public interest and on the basis of legal advice obtained, he had acted correctly when issuing an oral order of consent. According to Rijna, this was neither new nor the only case where an oral order of consent had been given. “Haphazard, may I summarize the ExCo’s actions like this”, asked opposition leader Abraham. According to Abraham, there was no logic to be found in the explanation of the Governor. “So it depends on the situation and the entrepreneur involved, what kind of rules are applied?” asked Abraham somewhat sarcastically. Rijna, even at Abraham’s insistence, could not agree with the image painted by Abraham.


Leader of the MPB and de facto of the governing coalition, Elvis Tjin Asjoe was also adamant. “We have to work together for a better and stronger Bonaire”, said Tjin Asjoe. Tjin Asjoe therefore indicated that if the opposition were to submit motions calling for improvement and cooperation, he would vote for them. “But if a motion is filed against government officials or against the entire BC, I say no to it now, even before they are filed,” said Tjin Asjoe


Abraham indicated that he now wants to wait and see what would happen after Thursday’s debate. “Saying that something went wrong is one thing. Although I appreciate that at least two Commissioners admit that things have not gone well or have gone wrong. But what happens now? Will things that have not gone well be rectified?” asked Abraham.

In a next council meeting, Abraham wants to see concrete steps from the Executive Council. If these are not forthcoming, the politician plans to submit a motion of no confidence against both the Executive Council as a whole and against the individual deputies.

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