Options discussed to further progress Saba recycling process

Commissioner Bruce Zagers (left), Head of Public Works Russell Thielman (second from left) with Andrew and Joan Cadwell of Cadwell Inc. after the presentation of the awards to Zagers and Thielman during a meeting on Friday, November 15.

The Bottom, Saba- Officials of the Public Entity Saba on Friday, November 15 met with representatives of the United States, Boca Raton firm Cadwell Inc., to discuss the options of the Saba recycling program and way how to further improve the process. Cadwell Inc., has been removing recyclables that have been stored at the landfill, transporting them off island since last month.

With the objective set by Commissioner Bruce Zagers in mind to only burn a minimum amount of waste, representatives of government and Cadwell Inc., discussed ways to make the recycling system more efficient and to further promote and increase the recycling of products.

Besides separating items such as glass, carton, plastics, aluminum, steel, small household appliances and tires for recycling, Cadwell Inc., and government are looking at setting up recycling centers for contaminated household items such as batteries, light bulbs, paint and liquid household goods.

Recycling a wider range of items in combination with an increased effort of residents and companies to recycle, will further reduce the amount that has to be burned, and that is a positive thing, said Commissioner Zagers.

CEO Andrew Cadwell, who attended Friday’s meeting together with President Joan Cadwell, said that Cadwell Inc., will draft a plan for a further collaboration with the Public Entity Saba which will include a campaign to improve and broaden recycling at homes, restaurants and businesses, to increase awareness, and to educate citizens on how to properly recycle.

Andrew Cadwell said that during the meeting he presented some of the ideas that his company has for Saba. “We are ready. We have our team, the logistics thanks to Crowley Shipping Lines and resources in place to facilitate with the progression of recycling on Saba. We would love to continue working with the Public Entity Saba,” he said.

Eight 44-foot containers with a maximum capacity of about 55,000 pounds have already left Saba in October this year with recyclables like plastics, cardboard, aluminum, glass and tires. These containers, with the most generous logistical assistance of Crowley Shipping Lines, were transported to the Cadwell Inc. recycling facility in Boca Raton, FL.

“Crowley Shipping Lines and its Director of Caribbean Logistics Jeffrey de la Combe, when approached with the recycling initiative in Saba, was very thrilled with the opportunity to assist Cadwell Inc. with the support they needed. Without hesitation, De la Combe instructed his team to arrange empty containers into Saba and to collect them after transporting to the Cadwell facilitates,” said Joan Cadwell.

Also, in October a barge with 310 tons of scrap metal left Saba for further processing in Puerto Rico.  

In the coming weeks more containers with the next load of recyclables will be shipped off Saba. The recyclables have been prepared and packed, and with the assistance of the staff at the landfill and local contractors, they will be placed in the containers that Crowley Shipping will import into the island.

At the end of Friday’s meeting, Andrew and Joan Cadwell presented the company’s Green Diamond Award to Commissioner Zagers for his relentless efforts of an island wide recycling initiative and in the process improve recycling on Saba. “He has been spearheading recycling, always working on the best way to move forward,” said Andrew Cadwell. Head of Public Works Russell Thielman received the company’s Recognition Award for what Andrew Cadwell said was “going above and beyond, commitment to excellence” in the island-wide recycling initiative with the Public Entity Saba.

CEO Cadwell was very positive about the cooperation with the Public Entity Saba. “Everybody works together as a team, spearheaded by Commissioner Zagers and with the input of Russell Thielman. We had a great cooperation with the local contractors and the people working at the landfill. Everybody is so friendly on this island. We can’t wait to see how Saba will evolve with their new carbon footprint in the near future,” he said.

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