Organizers Dia di Rincon happy with suport and colaboration

The folkloristic groups were bigger than ever. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- The Komishon Herensia Kultural Rincon, the committee behind the celebration of Dia di Rincon says in a press statement that they want to to thank everyone for their contribution to the celebration of Dia di Rincon 2023. 

“We thank all of our sponsors, contributors, members of the press and everyone who helped in any way to make the celebration a great success. As the motto says; together we make the Dia di Rincon”, said the committee on Sunday evening. 

The committee at the same time has announced that preparations have already started for the 35th edition of the Rincon Day. “There will be several workshops, lectures and also supporting events leading up to the big celebration in 2024”. 

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