Other hotels also want to build higher if permit is granted to Sunset Beach Resort

KRALENDIJK- Three resorts in the vicinity of the planned Sunset Beach Resort have jointly written a letter to the Executive Council of Bonaire to warn them that, in case a permit is granted to Sunset Beach Resort, they also expect construction to build higher in the future. 

The letter, which was sent out on Thursday afternoon to the Executive Council, is signed by Eden Beach Resort, Harbour Village Resort and Buddy Dive Resort, states the following:

“Esteemed College,

The undersigned, owners, share holders and general managers of ocean front hospitality properties on Bonaire have taken note of yesterday’s press conference.

During this press conference, the Lt-Governor made mention of the mediation attempt that has taken place between the Members of your College as a result of the potential granting of a construction permit for the ‘Sunset Beach Resort’ project. It didn’t become immediately clear whether your College has already taken a final decision on the topic.

Two important elements of discussion are the maximum allowed construction height and construction density on the lot.

It will be clear to your College that the granting of an exemption on these points would render a considerable competitive advantage to the developers of ‘Sunset Beach Resort’, as compared to other, existing ocean front hospitality properties on island. 

The same is true for some exemptions to the rules of he Spatial Plan Bonaire (ROB) that have already been granted to other new developments.

Therefore, should your College decide to grant these exemptions, we will assume that our operations will be granted the same, more favorable conditions, in the event one or more of us would make such a request.

We’re expecting more hospitality operations to agree and accede to this open letter.

We would appreciate your prompt reply. We can be contacted through our spokesperson via and through +5997952500”.


An ever bigger resistance can be noted on the island towards those on the Executive Council who want to accommodate whatever investors on the island seem to come up with, even if their plans are in clear violation of the policies outlined in the Strategic Tourism Master Plan and the Tourism Recovery Plan, as adopted in the Island Council. 

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