Over 300 Car Wrecks Removed from St. Eustatius

The wrecks have been loaded on a barge for their transportation off-island for further processing. Photo: Government of Sint Eustatius

Oranjestad -One of the first projects initiated by the interim Government, after the deposal of the PLP/Merkman coalition was the start of a wreck-removal program.

It is estimated that more than 900 abandoned vehicular wrecks were scattered all over the island. These wrecks are not only an eyesore but they also possess an environment and public health risk as they attract vermin, rodents and other insects and pests. 

Between December 9th-11th, over 300 vehicular wrecks and tires were loaded on a barge and shipped from the island. These car wrecks will be further transported via Sint Maarten to the Netherlands where the (components of the) car wrecks will be processed and re-used. The process has been done in accordance with international environmental standards. This marks the conclusion of the first phase which targeted primarily the vehicular wrecks concentrated in the Man-O-War Industrial Zone. 

Second phase

In the second phase, all other vehicular wrecks will be collected and brought to a salvage yard near the waste plant where they will be stripped and prepared for shipment. This phase will be executed jointly with the Waste Management Facility of St Eustatius who will spear head the project. 

In the 3rd quarter of 2019, the third and final Phase will be executed. In this phase the rest of (metal) waste will be removed from the island all at once. The tender process for this phase will be done in the second quarter of 2019. The general public is also advised that in the future, all end-of-life vehicles must be immediately brought to the Waste Management Facility. This is to protect our island and prevent such a problem from reoccurring.

In an effort to sufficiently inform the community, information regarding the classification of wrecks, the legislation and the collection processes etc. will be conveyed through the government information channels. The Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure along with the legal department will be available to provide clarity to the public on the implementation of the current ordinance. For more information, please contact Jeffrey Lewis, Manager of the Waste Management Facility and or Anthony Reid, director of Economy and Infrastructure of the Public Entity of St Eustatius.

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