Over 700 applications for power subsidy on Bonaire

Nina den Heyer tijdens een persconferentie in oktober | Archieffoto OLB

KRALENDIJK- On Bonaire, more than 700 people with a low income have applied for the reimbursement of $1,300 for electricity or Pagabon. This group does not include the approximately 300 people who were the first to receive compensation due to their private situation. This was announced on Wednesday by the Society and Care Directorate.

In the past, citizens have applied for compensation for e.g. buying school supplies, a gas bottle, installing Pagabon. But it is the first time that so many people have applied for compensation. Society and Care takes into account that even more people will apply for the reimbursement.

In practice, it appears that people doubt whether they qualify for the reimbursement. Others feel that they have to hand in a lot of documents. Employees of the management holder re take into account that there are people who may be embarrassed to apply for the compensation.

Terrence Jansen is the manager of the project ‘No Laga Koriente Dal Bo Duru.’ According to him, the doubters should simply request the compensation. “I advise people who are unsure whether they qualify to apply for the reimbursement. We also notice that people sometimes don’t understand what the conditions are. And that’s why they don’t sign up.”


The applications are handled carefully by the employees of the management. There is another reason to still request the reimbursement when in doubt. “If you don’t apply for the compensation, you miss the chance that you can get it. Not shooting is always wrong,” explains Jansen.

Since October 14 of this year, citizens can apply for the allowance. This can be done online or in person during neighbourhood meetings. For more information:, look at ‘Campaigns’.

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