Painted wheelie bins placed along the tourist route

Painted wheelie bins placed along the tourist route

 Kralendijk – Last Friday, nine painted wheelie bins, or klikos as they are known locally were placed along Queens Highway, also known as the tourist route. The Bonairean community and tourists can from now on deposit their waste in these click art works.

The painted wheelie bis were an initiative of the ‘Sushi or Dushi Kliko Challenge’; a project carried out in October 2021 to make residents more aware of the importance of treating nature with care. Clicks were painted by students under the guidance of local artists. The participating youngsters and MBO Bonaire won a prize for the most beautifully painted wheelie bins.

The placement of the wheelie bins along the tourist route was officially announced by World Wildlife Fund spokesman Stacey Mac Donald. Deputy James Kroon also addressed the invitees, consisting of representatives of partners and sponsors. “These kinds of projects are an example for Bonaire. Through cooperation we ensure a bright future for our island.”

Subsequently, the main prize of the Sushi or Dushi Kliko Challenge was presented by a representative of Caribbean Homes to Lisette de Keijzer, the director of MBO Bonaire. The meeting was concluded with a mini clean-up in which the provincial executive also participated.

World Wildlife Fund

The Sushi or Dushi Kliko Challenge was an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund, Public Entity Bonaire and Selibon N.V. in collaboration with Tourism Corporation Bonaire, STINAPA and Fundashon Plataforma Kultural. Caribbean Homes was the main sponsor of this project, the painting materials were sponsored by Krioyo Paints and other prizes were sponsored by Salty Tours Bonaire and Caribbe Watersport Bonaire.

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