Papa Cornes students clean up Donkey Beach

Photo - Sharon Bol

KRALENDIJK – Students from group 6 and 7 of the Papa Cornes School cleaned the entire stretch of Donkey Beach under the guidance of Clean Coast Bonaire in collaboration with A Plastic Free Bonaire and NOBO Recycling.

The Papa Cornes School reached out to Carolyn Caporusso from Clean Coast Bonaire because they want their students to learn about the impact of plastic pollution on our island. The children found lots of plastic items, such as spoons, straws and even furniture. However, the plastic item that was found most is the cigarette butt.

The other most found item is the metal bottle cap (beer bottle). Which leads to the conclusion that our public beaches are being polluted by beer drinking and smoking (young) adults. It is apparent that beach goers do not clean up after themselves, even though Selibon has set up multiple garbage stations at Donkey beach.

Participating in a clean-up is a fun learning experience, but kids should not be cleaning up after adults. That is why Clean Coast Bonaire, A Plastic Free Bonaire and NOBO are initiating a Clean Beach Petition. Goal of this petition is to push our government to make funds available for litter prevention. The first easy step could be developing signs at all public beaches that clearly communicate “Keep Bonaire Clean”.

Please follow the link here to sign:

Photo – Sharon Bol
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