PAR-MAN-PIN Government wants to utilize full potential of island

PAR, MAN and PIN have reached on agreement on a Government Program for the year 2017 – 2021.

Willemstad- In a 41 page document titled ‘Máksimo Potensial di Kòrsou, akuerdo di gobernashon 2017-2021’, dated today, May 10, 2017, the 3 parties in Curaçao who have agreed to form the next government of the island have outlined their vision. The new government will have 3 main areas of attention: Economic growth, Education and Poverty Reduction. Also, the 3 parties want to ensure a “clean” government abiding to the rules of good governance.

The parties have agreed to draft a plan within 3 months after installation of the new cabinet, to deal with the most pressing matters in the country. The parties will also draft a plan with action points and priorities for the full term of 4 years.

Outlined in the government program is also mentioned that the parties want to have a good relationship with The Netherlands. “We will give more content to the function of the Minister Plenipotentiary, when it comes to promoting economic activity on the island and also when it comes to assisting our “Yu di Kòrsou” in the Netherlands”, according to the program. “We will expand and strengthen the relations with other countries in the Kingdom so we can better benefit from the advantages of the Economy of Scale. We will explore more mutual cooperation in the areas of economic development, eliminating social disadvantages. healthcare and science”, according to the paragraph dealing with relations in the Kingdom.

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