PCN Pension Fund with info sessions on Windward Islands

A representation of the PCN board will be on Saba and Statia this week to provide much needed information about cuts to the pensions of people participating in the pension fund. Photo: The BES-reporter.

Oranjestad/The Bottom, Saba- The Pension Fund for Caribbean Netherlands (PCN), will be present on the 2 Windward islands coming week to provide some much needed information about recent developments affecting the pension fund. The sessions are intended both for current pensioners, as for government employees who will start receiving a PCN pension when they reach their pension age.

Due to stricter regulations, the funds under pressure of the Dutch Central bank is obligated to reserve much larger amounts of money for future pensions. This, in the meantime, has led to a 3.5% reduction in the monthly payment of pensioners. The entitlement of those still in active government service have also been reduced with 3.5%

PCN Board members dr. Valdemar Marcha and Roy Hooker will be present in Saba and Statia this week to provide some more in-depth information and to meet various stakeholders on both islands.

On Statia the informative session will be held on May 8th, 2017 in the Lion’s Den from 6 – 9 in the evening.

On Saba, the same session will be held on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 in the Sunny Valley Youth Center from 6 – 10.

Further information about the sessions can be obtained from Ms. Ingra Benett, by calling 318 3218 (Stata) or 416 6860 (Saba). Ms. Bennett can also be reached by email:

Everyone with a stake in PCN, be it current or future pensioners are encouraged to participate in the sessions to get some first-hand information from PCN about recent and impending developments.

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