PCN Signs Contract for New Office Construction

Director of Dimi Construction, Quincy Marchena, construction supervisor Bo Bodifee of Bodifée Design and PCN chairman Harald Linkels after the signing of the contract. Photo: PCN

Kralendijk – Last Monday, PCN signed the agreement for the construction of its new office building at Kaya General Carlos Manuel Piar.

The contract for the construction of the new building has been awarded to Dimi Construction B.V.

A relatively long period of preparation preceded the start of construction. To be able to proceed with the construction of a new building, PCN had purchased the old office building from Bureau Ziektekosten provisions (BZV).

Because the roof of the BZV building contained asbestos, a professional removal of the asbestos-containing roofing panels was done, for before the rest of the old building could be demolished.

The completion of the new office building is scheduled for the second half of 2020.

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